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Funding of 3rd Sector umbrella orgs

Comment 12th July 2010

It would be good to see central government understanding and committing to the 3rd sector umbrella organisations and the work that they do.  Funding comes in short/small amounts that last between 2 and 5 years.

When the end of the project comes you are left attempting to find further funding or taking a backward step.  You build something up  and then due to funding or rather lack of funding it then all comes back to where you were before.

Why does this matter?

I have been working with children and young peoples groups for nearly 2 years – before that there was 1 person for the whole county.  We currently have 3 on this project – to go back would mean that parts of the county would no longer be covered and have delivered the specialised knowledge and training we have been able to do.

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