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Futility of Government sponsored sites (such as this)

Comment 20th July 2010

This site must have generated, thousands of hours of reading for "someone'. Ideas that are sensible, many that are ridiculous rants, (but must be considered, because a vote may be there) It is unlikely that all will be read, and if read will be ignored. Lip service will be given to those that coincide with the ideas that the government have had themselves. An opportunity exists for an idea to be foisted on the public with the tag, "this was one of the most popular ideas you  favoured on the YOUR FREEDOM site" whether it was or not.

    We need an independent body to categorise the "ideas" ascertain the popularity and ensure that the government don't ignore the ones they personally don't agree with.

Why does this matter?

The importance of this is to ensure that (and this will be the first time it has happened) the ideas of a Majority of the people is acted upon and not shoved to oneside, for the convenience of the government, or for popularity, oil deals, or because some apologiser for the past, says it is for example un-british.

         You are voted in to represent us not to decide what is best for us, very occasionally you can follow the whip, if ,and only if, the proposal is what your "bosses" want. Just as you have a mandate to govern, based on the number of votes you glean, we want you to act on the wishes of the majority. 

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