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Generate Revenue by putting Advertisement Boards on Motorways/Other Roads

Comment 9th July 2010

Idea is to generate revenue by putting advertisement boards on motorways. There are a couple of ways this can be achieved in my opinion.

  1. Place small advert boards (2 feet width by 4 feet length – obviously this can be standardised to any size which is ideal for maintenance, etc.) on the light poles, which are in the middle of the motorways, at a safe height which can be easily replaced with minimum disruption to the motorists.
  2. Place large advert boards by the side of the motorways – the placement of these should be given some thought so they can be best and easily viewed by the motorists without diverting too much of their attention away from their driving.

Instead of generating revenue the same advert boards method can also be used to generate public awareness about anything the government wants really. In fact, the government can use a combination of both. From example, in some areas they can use advert boards to generate revenue and in others to generate public awareness.

Why does this matter?

Before I go on to explain why this idea is vital I want to make a key point. From reading different ideas on this website my impression is, everyone is talking about changing policies but hardly anyone is talking about policies to generate revenue.

Generating revenue is equally essential in the current economic climate where government is facing an unprecedented challenge of reducing enormous debt. The government should encourage the public to think in this direction as well.

This idea has tremendous potential in my opinion as thousands of motorists use our motorways every single day so a lot of companies/businesses will be interested in using this advertisement framework to push their products/brands to the consumer.

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