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Get rid of automatic parole.

Comment 6th July 2010

Its time to stop sentencing criminals to spend time as guests of Her Majesty, then immediately reducing the sentence by up to 50% for 'good behaviour'. 

When a Judge or Magistrate passes sentence thats what the convicted person should be going to serve PROVIDED THEY BEHAVE THEMSELVES. Time can be added if they don't . behave. 

Also we need a proper life sentence seeing as we cannot (for good reasons) reintroduce the death penalty.  I would like to see a Whole of Life sentence which means just that. You will die in prison.  Do away with suggested minimum terms, you do what you get given.

Why does this matter?

There have been so many released prisoners on parole re offending, even committing murder again after release it has to stop.  Criminals are always going to be with us, most of them are not interested in being rehabilitated into society, if they were they would do something about it and ask for help that should be freely given.

What happened to the 'three strikes and your'e out' that was suggested some years ago.

Would the above increase the prison population – possibly.

Wwould the population as a whole agree with it – probably.

Would we need to build more prisons – almost certainly.  But then more use could be made of community service orders, heavily enforced, for minor crimes/first offences.

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