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Get rid of CCTV

2 Comments 1st July 2010

CCTV Cameras do not stop or deter crime. They simply record it. We are the worlds most surveiled people and this has to stop.

Why does this matter?

The government is a instrument of the people, for the people and not in place to control people.

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2 Responses to Get rid of CCTV

  1. George Geal says:

    i want to masturbate in public without being filmed.

  2. George says:

    Regardless of the stupid comment above. Yes we should get rid of almost all CCTV. Even if CCTV does slightly reduce crime (which isn’t proved) I am prepared, like all decent people, to accept a marginally higher risk of crime in order to be free.

    We claim as a national to cherish our freedom, but when we choose to relinquish it for a fa├žade of increased safety we undermine our national value and create the space for other values systems to creep in.

    Those who think we can be made safer by giving ideological space to values systems which are antagonistic to freedom have not understood the history of the world over the last millennia.

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