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Get rid of Chancel repair liability

Comment 7th July 2010

I am currently buying a house and we've come across the Chancel repair liability. This means, that as owners of the house, our local curch could demand money from us for upkeep etc. It's clearly a historical rule, and one that has no place in moden times.



Why does this matter?

Firstly, it is mad in this day and age of atheism and multi-religion societies that anyone should be liable to pay for the upkeep of their local Christian church, based on which house they live in rathen than on their beliefs.

Secondly, we're having to buy insurance to protect against it, and it is another unwanted cost and complication in the already too-complex house buying process.

The current proposed changes introduced by the previous govenment, which are due to come into effect in 2013, do not go far enough, and Chancel repair liability should be scrapped completely.  

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