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Get rid of “no win no fee” compensation claims

Comment 2nd July 2010

Remove the laws which have created this infuriating, crazy and ultimately self-destructive culture where everyone is too terrified to do anything, like a rail company can't serve you a cup of tea because they've run out of paper bags (!!!), just because people, goaded by fat lawyers, might sue.

Why does this matter?

The explosion of our compensation culture has created a country which is terrified to do anything in case there's a claim to be had against you. This fear is gripping our society, stopping civil liberties and no good for anyone except lining the pockets of lawyers.

Absolutely we need stringent Health and Safety rules. Reasonable risk assessments should be carried out but that should be to keep employees as safe as possible, not just to have proof in court should anyone decide to try their luck for a few grand.

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