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Get rid of paper part of driving license

Comment 9th September 2010

It should be compulsary to cary your driving license when driving and the paper part should be scrapped.

Why does this matter?

Watching the police shadowing shows on the TV they:

a) can confirm any points etc. you have over the radio in a couple of minutes

b) waste loads of time trying to determine the true identity of drivers at the road side.

The paper part of the driving license is totally out moded and makes the driving license difficult to cary and complex to produce. A single credit-card sized license should be all that is required as is already in place in many other countries.

If the driving license was easier to carry, it would be more reasonable to expect people to cary it which will save the police time at the road side and may deter some of the many un-insured and un-licensed drivers that cost us millions on our insurance premiums.

This is not ID cards via the back door – driving requires a license and you can choose not to drive.

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