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Get rid of red tape surrounding adoption.

Comment 7th July 2010

I am 1 of many people who would like to adopt in the near future, but currently i will have a major fight to do so given the amount of red tape, tests, exams, courses etc…. that is compulsary before YOU are told that your capable to adopt. I have a loving partner, we have our own children who are happy, loved, do well in most of their achievements and are behind us adopting. I have a friend that tried to adopt but was refused due to a criminal offence from 20 years ago! has never re-offended since and is a wonderful parent, who was willing to adopt 2 or more siblings.

Why does this matter?

People who will be devoted, loving parents are being turned away because of ridiculous excuses. 

Children who are waiting for permanent homes are being passed from foster home, to care home after care home.

When they could be starting their new life with their new family. 

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