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Get rid of the requirement for volume limiters on MP3/4 players.

Comment 15th March 2013

I think the requirement for volume limitation upon mp3/4 players and their manufacturers should be dropped, simple as that, and I do not mean just so-called volume limiters that can be turned off from within the player's menu system either. I mean the limiters that are buried deep within the players' operating systems which consumers have no access to, and thus, no control over.

Why does this matter?

Whilst from my user name you can plainly see that I am only 17, that goes not mean that my suggestion should be dismissed out of hand as part of "yoof" culture. I feel that my suggestion has appeal to all age groups.

I recently purchased a new MP4 player ( I shall not of course mention the name of the manufacturer), but, I am disappointed to say that I feel extremely cheated. I was upgrading from a previous model, you see, and, whilst I am enormously pleased with the sound quality of the new player, I am incredibly dissatisfied with the volume of the new player!

Now, I suspect this may well be down to EU regulations, or even of our own government ( I am not cear on the issue), and, we really have to ask ourselves, is what is good for European people the same as what British people actually want? I think not. I respect the fact that by imposing volume limits on manufacturers the powers that be only have our best interests at heart, but even so, does that mean we no longer have a choice as to how loud we listen to our music? It would seem so. After several years of listening to my music ( and, I don't think listening to the heavy metal I am in to on a low volume quite does it justice) at maximum volume whilst being aware of the risk to my hearing, I do not appreciate having the choice to take this risk or not snatched away from me without my consultation. Again, it might be for "my own protection" but, I think I should be allowed to choose whether or not I actually want protecting.

Whilst this may seem like a minor issue, and perhaps a selfish one, I think you will find that many people are in the same boat as me, and not simply people in my age group. So, whilst  I realise there are indeed serious problems, more so than this issue at any rate, politicians should also listen to the peoples' day to day needs and requirements – it could very likely be the little things that matter come the next election. if they wish to seem "in touch with reality", I can think of no better way than actually doing something about this suggestion. Whilst some might dismiss it as petty, it matters rather a lot to me, and will undoubtedly strike a chord with many others…at the end of the day, our politicians are supposed to be the voice of the people, and, I think you will find, a large number of these people would like the choice to listen to their music at whatever volume they choose; and not to have that choice made for them by a bureaucrat who has not even consulted them about it. I find it disgraceful, and I hope you do too.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this!

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