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Get the forces home!

Comment 6th July 2010

My idea would be to get the forces out of the middle east! The war is not solving anything. There is no stability there only death and a black hole of wasted funds because Labour decided they would stand shoulder to shoulder with, and assist an idiot of the highest order.

Why does this matter?

My idea is important because, the British troops are constantly fighting a war thousands of miles from home for a people who are draconian, and believe westerners to be infidels that need to be iradicated from this world. It is a guerilla war, in which it is nearly impossible to tell insurgent from Afghan civilian. Save soldiers lives,stop sinking billions of pounds into a lost cause and let's worry about the problems we have here in the United Kingdom such as; poverty, unemployment, and crime. All the taxpayers money that the British government is wasting on this endeavour can go to fix these problems at home. The Labour government stood by George Bush and his decision to invade Iraq, and found NO WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION! All lies by the U.S. government. How many more lives need to be lost for no reason, until people start to get the message. The Russians couldn't win in the 80's how can the coalition win now. By the way, let's not forget who put the insurgent's (Taliban) we are fighting now into power in Afghanistan, the United States put them there to fight the Russians. Let them reap what they sow!

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