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Get the Police back on side of the Public rather than an adversary

Comment 15th March 2013

The Police are there to keep the peace and to ensure public safety, but now there is a tendency for them to be used to intimidate.

Examples being the use of Section 44 to stop photographers from taking photographs legitemately,

on peaceful law abiding protests the use of a video camera to record the people attending,

the retaining of DNA samples of people arrested yet not charged or found not guilty.

Any behaviour which is initiated that affects a person when that person is NOT breaking any law, that is what I want removed.

Why does this matter?

Why is it important, it's important because we NEED the Police, we NEED to have a positive relationship with them because society needs to be protected. The Police are most effective when Society is free to support. The Police go about their duties under Society's acceptance, however that acceptance is being slowly eroded and thus the effectiveness of the Police in protecting that society.

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