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Get young criminals of the streets.

Comment 6th July 2010

It is indeed sad that today in Britain there are a lot of young criminals on the streets, without a diploma and without a bright future, instead of studying or working they'll start stealing and robbing, this is not what our country wants to go, we also need to tackle criminals and punish them and ask them to study or work to have a better living, but preventing is better than tackling, prevent criminality by letting them study or work or give them a work experience so that in the future there will be more people in work than on the streets.

Why does this matter?

I think it is really needed because I think what they do is absolutely wrong but if you do something wrong once you should always give them a second chance, and Britain needs more people in work at the moment, that is good for the economy and that is also good for the current economic time we are facing today.

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