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Gift Aided contributions to charities

Comment 16th July 2010

I think all organisations which are profit making should have their charity status removed.  One effect of this would be to prevent the organisation asking their customers/clients to gift aid their contributions.  

Why should one organisation which is deemed to be a charity be allowed to reclaim the tax element on contributions whilst another which is not a charity  be refused  govermental financial support.   For example an organisation looking after a large manor house and running it as a tourist attraction against an organisation running a childrens entertainment park again as a tourist attraction.    Both may be intending to plough the profits back into the company but one is supported by tax payers to a tune of .28p in the pound.    Removing charity status will have a minimal but important effect upon the countries financial problem but more importantly will  equalise the status of organisations serving the public across the board.

Why does this matter?

Fairness across the board and the possibility of recovering a substancial amount for the treasury.

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