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Give benefits in (paid) jobs, not money

Comment 12th July 2010

There are poeple who cannot find a job, people who do not want to find a job, people who are disabled and cannot find a job suitable to their situation. They all are getting money while bieng at home getting bored.

I walk down my street and I see rubbish that needs collecting, potholes that need repairing, pavements that need sweeping.
On trip to the waste tip, I notice tonnes of watste that could be recycled at least, re-used in many cases.
Teachers, police and doctors are buried by paperwork and form filling that could be done easily by anyone from home.

You can see where I am going; there are endless jobs out there waiting to be taken on, there are more jobs in planning and supervising these very jobs.

Benefits should be given in paid jobs, not just paid!

Why does this matter?

Taxpayers would get value for their money;

Jobs would be created;

Society would benefit.

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