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Give greater access to ministers

Comment 12th August 2010

This site is a great first step.  But my friend has a website he wants to talk to Government about as it has great opportunities for getting SME's to do more business together and he can't get anyone to talk to for just 30 minutes.

The last Government knew they were on the way out but despite frequent correspondance with a shadow small business minsiter, now that person is in Government, the minister has not even replied to two letters my friend wrote.

Just like MP's have surgeries, why can't each Department of State have a surgery where anyone can see a Minister by appointment and discuss great ideas like this one?

Why does this matter?

My friends site is called and it allows potentially every SME in the UK to network 24 hours a day.  The site is totally free to use and it is a great idea as a 'bolt on' to the Business Link service currently operated, would you believe by HM customes and Excise!

Potentialy, the site could expand into other countries to give Bristish companies chances to export they would not otherwise have. For now though, this site means more people will sell to each other, more profits will be made and more tax collected and it fits exactly what the coalition is saying about the private sector creating more jobs.

But will anyone in Government listen?  Its free, he wants nothing for it, he wants to develop it for the good of the nation funded by advertising but he needs Government help through business link.  Come on coalition, get in touch.

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