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Give stand-alone solar panels full permitted development rights

Comment 6th July 2010

Solar panels are classed as permitted development and therefore do no require planning permission. A good thing.

However stand-alone solar panels are only considered permitted development if they are less than 4m2 and are more than 5m from your boundary. To install a stand-alone panel you would need a garden of at least 11m wide. The vast majority of properties in the UK do not have gardens of this size.

The irony is that a 30m3 shed more than 1m from your boundary is considered permitted development. Sheds are obviously a higher priority than renewable energy under the planning regulations.

The planning guidelines should be changed to classify stand-alone solar panels as permitted development, perhaps with a height restriction of 2m, and to classify solar fencing as permitted development.

Why does this matter?

To speed the adoption of renewable energy.

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