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Give tax breaks to the growers and suppliers of healthy foods

Comment 3rd July 2010

Shamefully at the age of 46. I have begun doing my own shopping.

It has opned my eyes somewhat to see how the local supermarkets offer 2 for the price of 1 deals on cakes, beer, crisps and chocolate, yet the vegetables and fruit we are eating , still tends push the consumer into purchasing less healthy options. Things like meat are becoming quite expensive.


My idea would be to slightly increase taxes slightly on fatty and more unhealthy foods and use this to balance the costs of more healthy choices, so that people could have the option at least, of having a healthier diet without paying a penalty for doing so.

This could have an added benefit of  helping our farmers out of recession.

Why does this matter?

We already have high demands on our National Health Service, which we are warned will get worse, especially with child obesity, allegedly being called a 'time bomb'  The cost of this problem to the state, maybe more than we can cope with ?  This could be a simple, but effective way of encouraging people to eat more healthily without significant cost to the government and thus the taxpayer.

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