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Give the English a parliament

Comment 9th July 2010

It is a deeply shameful situation that the English are not allowed any parliament of their own in the country that is often described as having the 'mother of parliaments'.

Having lived and worked in Germany and Belgium friends cannot possibly credit that England, which represents 84% of the total population of the United Kingdom is denied its own Parliament, denied any separate vote and any separate law-making which is not influenced by others who are neither elected nor carry any responsibility for the consequences of their interference in English affairs.

No democracy is perfect but a very simple first glance at the voting patterns in the United Kingdom shows that Scotland and to a lesser extent Wales vote in entirely different ways to the English. Of course the labour party wanted to keep their dependency clients but now we are over that  Government's reign of gerrymandering can't we focus on the biggest issue of democracy of all in these islands and give the English their own separate parliament?

It's far more important than AV in our current non-representative Westminster parliament.

Why does this matter?

Somethng as massively unjust as the lack of an English parliament cannot last. Either we end it now and have a far fairer and more representative democracy in these islands or we shall suffer from a more fractious break-up of the Union. I don't actually care too much that the English subsidise the Scots and the Welsh, it's no different to subsidising any lower-income rural areas from any metropolitan areas regardless of their nationhood. What I do care about is that 84% of the populations, that means over 51 million people, are denied democracy.

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