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give the police what they need to work effectively

Comment 17th July 2010

If the Police decide they need more surveillance cameras in their jursidiction then let them have it.

If they decide to have more community support officers then they should have them.

Increase neighbourhood watch powers

we do live in an unsafe world. This is not going to change to the level we want to keep our front doors open while we go shopping [ in a lifetime].  We should rather be safe than sorry.

If we are doing what is right, then we should having nothing to fear of cameras or other surveillance. There might have even been an increase in surveillance products to keep burglars out etc. 

I am sure we feel safe when we see a PC, not scared. We just do not have enough of them.

We should not be making cuts in the police force. Use some of the overseas aid to help our essential services.. clear up our mess first, set mandates for other countries to pull their weight.

We should increase police powers to help the public as well as well as protect them and pay the police..

Why does this matter?

Deeply saddened to the bone by what happened to that police officer and his family. We need a national fund for this family as we did for Madeline.

We as ordinary citizens do not give the police enough praise and public support.

There is good and bad in every profession and ways of monitoring and dealing with this.

Perhaps develop the image of police officers so the public help them do their job more in order to protect all of us.

So get police commsioners on board to help revise the laws. A safer caring society.

Make the social services and probationary services more accountable as well.


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