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Give us a website to report drivers on phones

Comment 6th July 2010

Everyones been guilty of it at some point but it is wrong and we should know better.

I hate being cut up, sideswiped, near missed and having to endure erratic driving from people using mobile phones in cars.

I'm not talking about handsfree ones but people who hold the phone and try to drive at the same time. It's dangerous and its illegal. So please give us a way to report these people.

IDEA 1: As a passenger in a car i could take a photo on my mobile phone and upload it to a website very easily. The police could them issue the offender with a nice fine and perhaps even give me some rebate 😛

IDEA 2: A website app integrated into a social media platform that would allow us to manually enter details about the offence?


This idea would be self financing as there are enough people about who think they won't get caught. When they do it pays for the nice website.



Why does this matter?

  1. Reduces death and injury
  2. Makes people less angry that some people can break the law and get away with it
  3. Makes money
  4. Makes us feel like we're not powerless

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