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Give us access to the 1921 Census Records

Comment 24th July 2010

To give unlimited access to the people of Britain and the world about the facts of their antecedence.

It should be our right to know.






Why does this matter?


The very youngest of the people recorded on the 1921 census would be 90 years old by 2011.

There can be little on these records that would disturb anyone so aged. 

Illegitimacy would have brought shame indeed, but I cannot see that this would affect anyone's equilibrium these days. Indeed, when I hear stories from old people, these are always referred to with a good deal of pride that the person had overcome the shame of their birth.  This is why I don't think that the only issue for not releasing the '21 census is an issue at all.

Our country is in a bit of a mess at the moment due to Mr Brown's incompetence for so long. Pretending everything is fine will only work for so long. Everyone was so taken with Tony Blair's statesman-like approach to being Prime Minister that no-one seemed to be looking at what was going on over his shoulder, including Mr Blair,  although it was there to see for anyone that bothered to look..

We need extra revenue badly if we are not to see health services and education cuts. I have read that a group of MP's estimate that the revenue from the '21 census will provide a much needed injection of cash of 40 million pounds per annum. I feel that this is a conservative estimate. If the '21 census is released early then very many Americans would have an interest., and Americans are extremely interested in their antecedence.  This would make the '21 census a very valuable export as well as providing jobs for people in Britain!


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