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Comment 22nd July 2010

Many centuries ago the English people used to meet about once a month, where the Shire Reeve (sheriff ) would inform the pole of new laws and administer justice.

This was done in each hundred of a shire, it would be wonderful to return to a form of shire and hundred government, where every one new who was in charge. A lot of places have neighbour hood forums and parish councils. Could we not have local government at the level of the ‘hundreds’ This will amalgamate several parish councils into one place. With only one other tire of government for each shire. Can we have a sheriff of each county and get rid of mayors, the sheriff should be elected as this will be in keeping with the usages of our ancestors. Along with the members of the hundred council, and can we bring the counties back to what they should be prior to the reorganisation in the 1970's.

Why does this matter?

This way there will be only 2 tires of government between the people and the national government. The hundred council would be made up of local people who do not have to be a member of any political party. What we have now is very alien to most people, and remote.

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