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Government Imposed NHS Management

Comment 6th July 2010

Why don't you stop imposing NHS management levels and spend more money on hospital equipment or mental health facilities (still a taboo and totally incompetent area of medicine)?  You impose management levels to manage medically trained people and yet they are quite able to manage themselves and their own departments.  Departments like Clinical Development and Clinical Governnance – what the hell is that all about?  People spending 12 hours a day in back-to-back meetings, and supervising already trained medical people means they haven't really got a job to do.  Why don't you spend more money in encouraging the lower ranks to be more respected, in admin and clerical, and also to give artists and drama students a chance in getting a job as they are much better business trained and have much more intelligence in making decisions and in being creative and stressless in the workplace than the corporate dead heads that are currently the norm in the workplace, and which make the British workplace the most stressful in the world.

Why does this matter?

Because it is!

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