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government should grow and sell cannabis in government owned shops.

Comment 16th July 2010

I suggest the Government takes control of the cannabis market. 

Using the best technology and science you/we can grow the best herbal cannabis.  The Government can then open coffee shop style shops in which to sell the product. Thus keeping 100% profit. The product would also be taxed.  All of  which would result in millions of pounds being raised for the Uk economy.

AAlso millions would be saved in policing/court costs etc.

Millions of decent people would then have their civil liberties restored and be free to spend their money and time as they choose without the fear of being arrested.

The criminal gangs would lose millions of pounds and power and the opportunity to engage with normal people.

Tjobs would be created working in the shops and greenhouses, 




Why does this matter?

S Creates billions of pounds and jobs for the UK economy and also saves millions of pounds in police costs while also restoring citizens civil liberties.

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