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Government’s reasons for keeping cannbis illegal

Comment 11th July 2010

To really make sense of these arguments members of the Government need to take part in the discussion, to present in this forum their thinking and reasons and the obstacles they would encounter in changing the laws.

This applies to all of the proposals actually, because otherwise we are just going round in circles.

Their feedback would be helpful.

With regard to cannabis for example, I heard one MP who is known to have smoked "in his youth"  (and not one of those who just "didnt inhale"!) say he opposed it because "someone has to do the work…"   i.e. an assumption, probably based on his own experience, that users are just doped out and that he, by being a politician, is taking responsibility for society or something.

Another reason would be pressure for the US, who started the prohibition.  At the time they were still a very young, wild culture, who had only just stopped shooting "Red Indians".  They needed controls.  Now their Adminstration are agressive, arrogant bullies but the "special relationship" still counts and we do what they do in everything.

Incidentally, one of the things smoking creatively does is enable you to think for yourself: possibly some in government would prefer us not to?

Presumeably there are EU laws too.

But whatever the obstacles are, our message must have got across by now so it would be great if they could use this site to join in and answer.

Why does this matter?

The opportunity here is that we the people become more involved in actual government of the people.

The underlying requirement is that we all should work towards restoring trust, which recent government and pressure groups have destroyed.  Trust of each other and trust of Government.

To run this as a two sided dialogue with those who are in the position to change laws would help to show how far they are able to trust us.


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