Grandfather rights

After being abolished by the old government its time to bring back grandfather rights on driving licences. I think its wrong where i can drive a 10 tonne bus but yet i cannot drive a 7 and a half tonne van. Even if we paid a fee to get these rights after the 2 year probation period.

Why does this idea matter?

It is important to me as i like to drive for a living but yet when i see job advertisements for a driver with a 7 and a half tonne catagory i cannot go for it and i am a qualified bus driver yet the older generation can who wont have experience of large vehicle driving

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  1. I think grandfather rights should of been done away with when they changed the rules. Us younger generation have to do all these tests when some of these people with grandfather rights couldn’t drive bigger vehicles or trailers to save their life! They can barely even handle their small cars. Not digging at everyone with grandfather rights because their are good drivers aswel but their should of been some sort of test atleast.

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