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Green Energy Partnerships Association (GEPA)

Comment 1st July 2010

Hi, it's refreshing to post an idea on a site even if it's not taken up…

My idea would be to set up a Green Energy Partnership Association designed to produce community based micro-generation projects country wide principally by means of wind turbines. This organization would provide all the practical help and support to make the process realistically achievable and provide low interest finance. Each project would be appointed an association officer to do all the paperwork and admin. To achieve this, the association would be able to fast-track all the necessary planning regulations and stipulations.

Those first in line for such community based projects:

All schools with suitably large playing fields would be obligated to register for the programme…financed jointly by participating local residents and the school with loans provided through the association. Profits would be shared between teh school and the residents. Part of the school curriculum could incorporate this development.

All 24/7 large retail outlets with suitably large car parks should be obligated to register too. This time the partnership should be between participating customers and the retail outlet (e.g. ASDA). Loans and

All Universities and Colleges with the partnership between participating employees and the University/College.

Community based: Basically if a community/association can of say a 100 or more local people can get together to write a petition for a micro generation project then the local green energy partnership association would be obligated to work with the local community in making this a reality.

The list goes on and on of course. the Range of generation packages available should rise incrementally with the smallest automatically available to all groups. In essence the emphasis should be on "yes" rather than a "no" philosophy.


Cheers, Mark

Why does this matter?

Energy generation is about the most important need for the future. Things need to change drasitically in order for us to meet our future energy needs and the only way to do this is to change things from the ground up so to speak/

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