Green Lanes

Restore vehicular access to some of the many green lanes – these have been roads for centuries even though not surfaced and restricting access is an unnecessary loss of freedom. Vehicle speed is generally not an issue the surface doesn't allow speeding for most vehicles. But it would be possible to have a blanket 10mph on all such roads as a safeguard.

Why does this idea matter?

Green lanes offer many opportunities for seeing the countryside and furthering many peoples reasonable enjoyment of their vehicles. Not many challenges exist in the coutry today and the ability to navigate and drive a vehicle over sometimes difficult terrain is an activity that should be encoraged. While some artificial sites exist these cannot be the same as the challenge of the "unknown". It allows 4×4 vehicles to be used as they were intended rasther than for school runs which is inappropriate. They are often environmentally friendly as using bio fuel, including old cooking oil, is possible in these more rugged engines.

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