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Grievance procedures

Comment 22nd July 2010

Employers are being hampered in making  changes to outdated working practices despite lengthy consultation because at the end of this process the employee/union can raise a grievance. Even after following the documented grievance procedure the employee/union can take the case to an employment tribunal and the employer is faced with high legal fees. Whilst it may sound reasonable and fair to the employee, in practice this means an unreasonable union or employee can cause a lot of disruption and extra cost for an employer. These laws should be repealed.


Why does this matter?

Employers are struggling to compete in a challenging global environment. Change is a fact of life. If companies do not change then they go out of business. It is only natural that people resist change and it is right for them to be consulted and opportunity given to input to any proposed changes. After this process of consultation employers should have the right to determine the direction of their business  without the threat of employment tribunals and attendant costs hanging over them.  

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