Gritting Pavements

I understand that there is a law in place that if you grit your pavement or property and then someone slips even though you have gritted it, you can be held liable for any injuries that that person may suffer.
However, if you were to not grit your property, not only will more people undoubtably slip on the ice/snow, but you will not have to pay any damages to anyone who suffers and injury.

This seems daft to me. Why should someone who actively tries to help others by gritting pavements etc be penalised for doing so, when if you do nothing you are better off?
My mum owns a small business and I know that they didn't grit their car park for fear of the repurcusions if someone slipped. However they lost a lot of business over the winter due to people not being able to get in.

Please will you do something about this ridiculous law, which not only prevents communties helping each other but further encourages the compensation culture in the UK as well.

Why does this idea matter?

Slips and falls inflict a lot of pain and suffering on people and must cost the NHS and local authority a  fortune each year through extra operations and having to provide extra care for those people who are unable to look after themselves after a fall.

Why not encourage people to grit their area and try and reduce the number of people falling rather than punishing them?

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