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Guidance KPIs

Comment 5th July 2010

Collecting KPIs and SLA figures costs millions each year.  forget compiling everyday – this just costs.  Suggest let customer dictate what is acceptable or not by publishing what are the targets for all customer facing operations.  By letting people know it will probably be 3 working days to repsond, they will complain after the 3 days if their is no service.  So instead of a person beign paid to collect stats, pay the person to deal with the problems.

Dep Work Pensions not very good.  Now into second month waiting to know about training place, when I call – have to go through so many layers – this manager has to speak to that manager. Rubbish – once approved give me one person to speak to.  Or better still give me web account so I can check progress myself – save time and money.

Why does this matter?

better service using LEAN TQM Management production techniques- eliminate waste (Time, Cost)  Useless stats mean nothing and have no actual use.  If stats have value – Make a value and say 'Costs us £2bn in stats per year' worth it or not?

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