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have an adult discussion about drugs

Comment 12th July 2010

I am regulary insulted by govermemnts attitude to drugs.

People have taken drugs since the dawn of time and will continue whether legal or illegal.

Please can we have an adult discussion that  recognises that drug consumption in the UK is here to stay and that many "ordinary tax paying people take drugs and still go about their busisness not hurting anyone but still commiting a crimminal act

So can we regulate it, decriminalise it, tax it and educate properly and fairly.

Continuing to pretend that drugs are something done by "hoodies in parks" is nonsense.

Talk about it properly and stop treating people like idiots and spending money on fighting a war that does not need to be won.



Why does this matter?

Take drugs out of the hands of the crimminals and make drug use safe i.e I know if I take an asprin what the side effects are as they are on the box, great if this was the same for cocaine would assist education in poly drug use too.

People who became sick and addicted could and would get help earlier costing society far less in the long run and less lives would be shattered. Adddicts who are parents would recieve beter help and the children would be less harmed by their parents actions.

I am not advocating use but safe choice and education as prohibition never works.

Please will you be the first gov to be brave enough to talk about the elephant in the living room that is illegal drug consumption in the UK today.

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