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Health and Safety

Comment 8th July 2010

Follow up Lord Young's review vigourously. Drastically reduce the power of minor officials to disrupt events (such as Pancake Races), to prevent Councils from erecting hanging baskets and stop children playing conkers and generally running about freely. Go back to the founding principles of the old "Factories Acts" and incorporate "sunset Clauses" in all new legislation in this area

Drastically reduce the number of reasons held to require CRB checks and make sure one CRB check covers multiple situations for a defined length of time

Why does this matter?

It is not possible to eliminate all risk. Children in particular need to understand risk so that they can learn how to deal with real risks in later life. Adults should be responsible for the consequences of their actions

There are far too many "jobsworths" causing unjustifiable costs and disruption

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