Health and safety

There are far too many health and safety regulations.  There is a very good enabling act, viz. Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974.  Many of the regulations which have been made under that act are prescriptive and unnecessary.  These lead to unnecessary management suystems and paertrails over incredibly trivial issues.  It is my suggestion that most of the Regulations made under this act should be repealed because the enabling act itself provides a sufficient framework for a safe system of work to be set up where neceesary.  It is only under specific headings where there is a really serious risk, for example asbestos, where specific regulations are necessary in my view.

Why does this idea matter?

It will greatly reduce unnecessary paper-trails and bureaucracy and enable business to get on with their primary function instead.  It will reduce overheads and improve profitability.  It could even once gain make UK more competitive with its trading partners who have not set up such unnecessary proecdures etc.

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