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Health and safety and litigation.

Comment 20th July 2010

Turning theory into practice is an unnatural method of good performance. To become burdened down with risk assessment and training for the most obvious of all tasks is to be undermined and humiliated. It is resented in the work place and too often culminates in causing anxiety and the stopping of totally natural and workable methods, often built up over generations. It Leads to massive curtailments on peoples lives, from children going out, to school or out of school activities, adventures and learning days out,  to the elderley being restricted in their choice of care packages.

By making so many things bad practice and illegal, you create even more room for lawyers to take up cases for litigation, leaving personal responsibility and the imperfection of human life to fall into the void of 'the system'.

Why does this matter?

Not only do health and safety make more and more demands upon precious resources, spending other peoples money on superflous and often inadequate equipment, there is an air of suspicion and untrustworthyness, disabling workers and detaching them from essential relationships with those in their care.

You should cap all claims against public institutions and allow for private prosecutions if individuals are guilty of gross negligence, it should not fall upon the tax payer to fund anothers criminal actions, and make individuals more accountable for their actions.

Policy advisors really do sit in ivory towers, oblivious to the hands-on role and the myriad relationships of the workers. We need to be enabled and encouraged to do tasks, not to feel impotent and hopeless in the real life situation. we will become weak and unable to think 'on our feet'.

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