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Health and Safety at Work Act

Comment 10th July 2010

Scrap the act as it stands and re-draft it to make it less ridiculous. At the same time make it illegal for lawyers firms to advertise for  'accident victims' so they can obtain, as they say, 'compensation' for them.

Why does this matter?

Because there is too much time, effort and money taken up by paying for unnecessay protective clothing etc. I am aware of two deaths which would not have occurred if the HSA had not been in force and many minor injuries.

Nothing can now be done which involves the public without the local town hall jobsworths being involved and requiring 'safety precautions' and 'uinsurance cover'. The fun has gone out of things such as bonfire night, snowball fights, conkers etc because of this and the fear of those in charge, particularly teachers, that they may be involved in legal action. We should all remember the Act starts with words similar to…'It is the duty of everyone to be aware of their OWN (my caps) and other peoples safety'. Not 'It is everybody's duty to look out for me'.

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