Health and safety issues affecting nurseries.

My child has mild autism and is a visual learner. Staff were allowed to take photos of her doing activities , without  other children being in the photo. At home we would look at the photos and name the objects and the teachers thus helping her speech difficulties. Unfortunately last year there was a nursery worker involved in paedophilia and the nursery did not allow any futher pictures presumably to avoid adverse criticism of the parents.

She is also a fussy eater and dislikes sandwiches but likes pasta and rice. We can no longer bring the items she likes in for fear that the staff may overheat  the food in the microwave and burn our daughter's mouth. We have struggled with various alternatives which are not so healthy or to liking. She cannot have peanuts or even boiled egg in case another child has or develops an allergy.

While these are not laws made in Westminster, I feel the government could give more guidance, even run a campaign to ease the effect of nisperceptions of health and safety law.

Why does this idea matter?

Teachers do a difficult job. I feel that  both children and teachers are hampered by health and safety law even in nurseries. This must change.

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