Health and Safety Paperwork

It would be easier if the Health and Safety Executive presented risk assessments and method statements in a manual format or database that we can all work to and read from the same source, rather than everyone producing their own documents, creating 3million different documents for the same job each day.  This would also save millions of trees and countless carbon footprints.

Why does this idea matter?

My company invests time and money in training apprentices to become highly skilled electricians and electrical technicians. Method statements for straightforward electrical installation works could result in unskilled labour attempting to carry out this type of work.  This is not protectionism but a great concern to my company for the safety of the public and the integrity of the profession.

The amount of paperwork created is also reducing the risks that are assessed.  If there is a piece of paper for every little job, the actual risks are in danger of being overlooked.

It seems to me that Health and Safety Officers are only trying to cover their backs by having method statements for every conceivable task and not use the correctly trained personnel to carry out these tasks.

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