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Health Professionals Council (HPC)

Comment 2nd August 2010

This reglatory council was introduced in 7 years ago to protect the general public from rogue professions, however the HPC ,is an unnecessary, costly additional level of bureacaracy for both the Govt and the practioner. Each profession was previously regulated by it's own 'body' ensuring the practionner followed its own code of ethics and carried out,continous development and training programme. This worked for many years. By adding a register with the HPC, which each 'body  previosly'had, does not protect the public. We know registers don't protect the public for example the GP list with Dr Shipman and the Dr in the Baby  case. Also the sex offenders register.

In the case of foot health, the HPC has no made chosing a practioner easier for the public as there is now an additional layer of names- chiropodist, podiatrist and foot health practioner. The HPC only adds more cost and confusion.

Why does this matter?

The HPC has not made treaments safer it adds costs, confusion a,d additioanl levels of bureaucracy.

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