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Health & Safety Executive

Comment 27th July 2010

My idea is to abolish the Health & Safety Executive.

I was walking home today, and a man had fallen out of his wheelchair. He was perfectly OK, but needed the help of a few passers by, to help him back into his chair, that was it…

The incident occurred outside of a public sector building, and one of the employees came out and effectively said that we should all stop helping, and wait for the medical emergency services to be called, so that they could get the guy back in his chair. "We should all think about the 'health and safety' aspects she said.

The guy was fine. He knew exactly what he wanted. He gave us all instructions on how best to move him, and to get him back in his chair. He just wanted to be back in his chair. 

This, of course, is a true tale, but a metaphor, for the 'sickness' that the concept of 'health and safety' has imposed upon society.

It has removed personal responsibility in favour of form filling and box ticking, so that no one needs to think for themselves. 

As someone that has had there own company, and has employed people, I know how ridiculous the whole Health & Safety thing is. It is bureaucracy for bureaucracies sake – with a group of people trying to construct a system in which they truly believe all others should operate.

You want innovation ? You want lean mean businesses at the forefront of technology ? You want growth, jobs, a revitalised economy ? A revitalised society ?

Get rid of the stupidity that is the Health and Safety Executive, and invest just a fraction of the money saved by teaching, at secondary school, secular, ethical and morality classes. It's not difficult !

The real argument, of course, supporting the Health & Safety Executive, is protection against litigation.

That is the real issue I guess…..

As a collective entity, the 'Law', has nothing other than the law itself to keep it in check. It's the biggest conflict of interest that exists….

Just a thought.

Why does this matter?

Because. We want to see the individual empowered once again. We want that, because 'reality' is little more than people's ideas, manifested through their own efforts.

Do we really want this jewel in our crown crushed by the ideas of a committee of people who's sole, unspoken objective, is to ensure their own career longevity.

We want innovation, right ? 

Do anybody really think, people need to be told, "to use a vacuum cleaner rather than a brush if possible" – taken from the HSE's COSHH website.. ?

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