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Comment 22nd February 2015

Could we please be allowed to choose for ourselves whether we use incandescent bulbs that cost pennies to make and pennies to buy and provide superb lighting, or low energy bulbs that cost pounds to make and pounds to buy and pounds to recycle and force us to grope around in semi darkness. To ban the sale of 'real' bulbs on a staggered basis has forced many of us to stockpile 'bulb mountains'; a luxury that only those with the cash to buy them and the space to store them can take advantage of. For the rest of the population, buying light bulbs at up to £5 each which are particularly unattractive, often too large for the lamp that they are fitted to, and which provide little more than a dim glow is an unecessary imposition.

Please reverse this restriction. Please also impose a target on light bulb manufacturers to develop a low cost, low energy light bulb in the near future that is more acceptable to the public. When such a bulb is developed, the transition will still take place, but it will be our choice.   

Why does this matter?

These new low energy light bulbs are a danger to our lives. They contain mercury and harmful gases, and their enforced introduction was not backed up with adequate facilities for recycling. I agree that we should be looking at low energy alternatives, but this must be in a planned approach that gains the support of the population.

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