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Help for parents going through forced adoption

Comment Paul wright 10th May 2015

Help advise parents to now how to beat ss and not let them take any more children from loving parents the courts and social service and your own breif are in it together to work against parents so they loose no matter what u dont get to speak in court to address the judge or judges the soliciators are curupt and so are the judges david camron passed an order for social services to take as many children from familys weather the parents are good parents i am letting u know this because i have lost my children to our state an social service and i wont prevent it happening to anymore parents

Why does this matter?

It matters because this should not be happening to good parents that look after there children and do it well and people have a right to know whats really happening in our so called court the family courts are closed off to the public or the press and this wrong

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