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Holiday entitlement while on long term sick/maturnity leave

Comment 2nd July 2010

If someone earns 26 days holiday a year – they are earning half a day for each weeks work.

It seems wrong that they continue to earn that paid leave from work for time that they are not working due to long term sick or maturnity leave. it's an unfair expense to business.

If a full time person is off for 9 months, they earn almost 20 days leave, then they come back on a part time basis 3 days a week – they earn anoth 4 days off for the last 3 months of the year

In all they have 24 days holiday entitlement, which they use up at 3 days a week … that's 8 weeks off… so that person will only do one month worth of work that year and get two months paid holiday. Just seems wrong.

Why does this matter?

Holidays earned while people are not performing a usefull task for thier employer is a cost businesses cannot afford but have to.

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