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Holt creating and enforcing laws that protect

Comment 10th August 2010

we the british public are being duped daily into thinking laws that protect actually protect.

some protection laws are great and needed but others just hinder other peoples life, fun and development in life because some one MAY be harmed, this is out of order.

the public order act 1986 – section 5 is the main offender. the crime is complete if it is LIKELY some one will be harassed alarmed or distressed!!!! why as children were we told to ignore people if when we are adults we can crime it?

misuse of drugs act 1971 – you cant stop people taking drugs and everyone does, all the law does here is encourage the minimum standard of drugs – ajax in heroin is a result in a law that claims it protects – cannabis with raw THC etc etc

Protection from harassment act 1997 – brilliant idea and those of you who know WHY it was brought in will agree that something had to be written but this act harms more people then it protects or helps. this law is the "have any one arrested at any time" law or as i call it, the "boy friend beater" – section 2 harrasment is easy to fabricate and easy to have some one arrested for – it is a tool for people to get at one another, it should be the protection from stalkers act 1997

Police power of arrest – this is something that is long overdue. you can be arrested in this country based on a light description – 2 friends of mine of mixed race, light brown skin have both been arrested and processed baced on the 2 offenders in seperate cases being classified under the old IC3 method the police should only be able to arrest in the following:

Crime in progress (red handed stuff)

personal safety of the person

cocorroboratet eveidence (not 1 single statement from some one who claims something has happened)


If i do something in my life that DOES NOT AFFECT THE MAN NEXT DOOR then i have comitted no crime full stop. The second i affect the man next door then i must answer to some authority.




Why does this matter?

we live in an age where we can use loose written laws to get revenge and the many laws that are supposed to protect criminalise people for actions that have hurt nobody or MAY hurt somebody.

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