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Home Sharing for Senior Citizens

Comment 6th July 2010

Allow resident home-owners to share their properties without the requirement to turn their homes into Houses in Multiple Occupation.

As a single woman I have shared my large, six-bedroom, victorian house for over 25 years.

Changes in the Housing Act mean that my property is now classed as a H.M.O. if I wish to share with more than two other people.

Also make it easier for people to turn their homes into flats.  This would allow the Senior Citizen to live on the ground floor, creating a flat or flats above, providing a solution and income for the ageing and accommodation for the young.



Why does this matter?

With an ageing population and a grave shortage of bungalow accommodation we need to look at ways of assisting people to remain in their homes.

Converting a standard three bedroom house would provide a ground floor flat and an income for the owner.  A two bedroom flat could be created on the first floor, suitable for a couple or small family.  Hopefully good neigbourliness would also result in less loneliness for the ground floor occupant.

Planning Authority's demands for parking usually preclude granting such applications.

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