Homelessness Prevention will save money

Supporting People has been an essential funding resource helping empower people as they work through the complicated maze of accessing housing and benefits. Refugees have been helped, empowered and supported through SP programmes. They are vulnerable because when they get leave to remain they will lose asylum supported accommodation if they had any; and are unfamiliar with the British system of benefits; housing; not knowing how the system works to say, get a National Insurance number. As English is not their first language, there are additional barriers to them.

Why does this idea matter?

The support from SP has been invaluable in offering time and space to vulnerable people such as refugees to discuss options and find ways forward. The assessments mean that a whole range of issued are covered from the start, ranging from housing to education to health and finance. This ensures people do not fall through the net. Without the preventative work that SP workers provide, time taken to resolve issues would turn into expensive long term costs. Preventing homelessness is so important, both for clients' emotional well being and its repercussions and for the long term finances of this country. With the work SP provide, savings are made long term by investing in informed, appropriate and timely advice and support.

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