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Honour Two Consecutive Governments’ (Broken) Promises of a Referendum on Membership of the (Soviet) European Union

Comment 2nd July 2010

The (Soviet) European Union is an unelected, entirely undemocratic and fiat UK government.

It sucks up billions of our tax pounds, for no return.

It prevents the UK from engaging in potentially profitable bilateral commerce with  non-(Soviet) EU nations.

According to the Lisbon Treaty, it forcibly makes the people of the UK (Soviet) EU citizens first and UK citizens second.

It wants to vet and approve our national budget, even though its own budget has not been audited in more than 15 years.

It is forcing us to pay for the mistakes made in the Eurozone, even though the UK is not a member of the Eurozone.

It is sabotaging the City of London and the great economic gains the UK enjoys by being the world's financial center.

It has ruined our fishery and agricultural opportunities.

It wants to arbitrarily expose UK citizens to the whims of barbaric "legal" systems, and allow UK citizens to be tried and convicted in absentia.

It wants to collect and share masses of personal information with the United States' and other nations' intelligence agencies.

The (Soviet) EU does nothing but take from the UK: it takes our money. It takes our ability to engage in profitable trade. It takes our legal system from us. It robs us of our democracy and freedom.

Ultimately, the (Soviet) EU is deliberately winnowing away at the UK's sovereignty.

Europe is a beautiful place, and the UK should enjoy all of the benefits of being part of Europe.

But the (Soviet) EU is nothing more than a misguided tilt at uber control engaged in by the political elite at the expense of half a billion people, none of whom have had a say in the matter.

Why does this matter?

I placed this in the Restoring Civil Liberties category because of the enormous and ongoing loss of civil liberties we are experiencing at the hands of the political Elite, who have have imposed — without receiving our permission —  the fiat (Soviet) EU regime on us. 

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