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How about making sure the laws we already have are enforced?

Comment 7th July 2010

Our son went to the Arnewood High School in New Milton  (we've now pulled him out) . They spent 2 and a half years of his time teaching him at a level he had surpassed years ago in year 4 at junior school. As fantastic as it sounds this school insisted on teaching him at a level they knew he had surpassed years ago by virtue of their own teacher assesments of him, and the level they themselves had awarded him. Never the less they refused to teach him at the level they had deemed appropriate for him and repeatedly refused to give us any reasons for this arbitrary and ludicrous behaviour. That's illegal under law. Kids must be taught by state schools at the level that is appropriate for their aptitude and abilities (international law too), and parents must be given explanations when they request them. In a nutshell in year 9 they where teaching him more or less at his year 4 curriculum level although he had surpassed this years ago and the school knew it, to boot they could not and will not explain themselves to us his parents. We complained to Hampshire Children's Services, despite the black and white evidence they refused to investigate and look into it but rather threatened us with prosecution for not allowing him to go to this school. Then we complained to the DCSF, they were also just as useless and "fobbed it of" just as carelessly  and also refused to investigate this serious injustice to a child. So we put it in the High Court. All sounds unbelievable doesn't it. Well it's all true and backed up by black and white evidence that no one yet is brave enough or honest enough to comment on, or properly investigate. It's all posted online at for the world to see. If you're really serious about cleaning up, start here. My sons education has been destroyed by a negligent school and all of the agencies that are there to supposedly protect him and enforce his civil rights to protect him against this kind of injustice have done absolutely nothing. Throwing a childs education away is not only abusive to our children, but also to the adults they will become. HOW ABOUT STARING HERE? LETS SEE OUR CURRENT LAWS BEING ENFORCED! THAT WILL BE A FLYING START. How about investigating this matter? Any one reading the website at, particulary parents will find it offensive if you do not.  It will certainly disprove the aspirations of this website if you take no action, not to mention Michael Gove MP's policies. I hope your stated intentions are real.                  

Why does this matter?

It ensures our children's civil rights will come first and will be enforced. Nothing is more important. When these rights are abused or neglected by public officials those of them who are responsible for neglecting them must be held accounatble regardless of the "inconvenient truth".   

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