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How to reduce motorcycle deaths

Comment 5th July 2010

Councils and Governments have tried everything incliuding cameras and stupidly low speed limit reductions to reduce biker deaths. These all cost a lot of money and don't seem to be working.

A simple solution could be gravel traps on the corners of roads that are known to be dangerous. Like the ones on race tracks that stop bikes at over 200mph allowing the rider to walk away in many cases.

These are cheap and  would help to stop the bike and rider from coming into contact with trees and walls, as these are the things that cause injury and death. Cars would also benifit from this saftey feature on our roads in the event of leaving the road.

People may claim that bikers especially will ride faster because it is safer. They might, but does this mean we should remove all the air bags and seat belts from cars ?

This has got to be worth a trial, somewhere in the country.

Why does this matter?

This could save lives for a fraction of the cost of installing speed cameras for example. The reduction of injuries would also be a saving to the NHS.

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